Gary Randolph, Storyteller
Amusing books and lively storytelling programs from Indiana to Ireland to outer space.


Located in Anderson, Indiana, Gary Randolph is an author and storyteller. His books spin tales of murder mysteries and outer space, generally with a heaping spoonful of humor. As a storyteller he performs around central Indiana to both adults and children. He weaves together a mix of stories, songs, poems, and jokes that can transport audiences into another time and place. He specializes in stories of Ireland and Scotland, but is equally comfortable talking and singing about growing up in Indiana, pirates, history and more.

"You were a HUGE hit at my Tuesday Ladies Luncheon! I could not have been more pleased with how everything turned out. Your program was wonderful. You included the perfect mix of stories, jokes, songs, and poems. You expertly played to your audience. The ladies loved it! Seldom do I receive much feedback on events that we coordinate, but your program was the exception. I have received a lot of positive unsolicited comments about much they all enjoyed it."
"What a treat tonight! For an hour, Irishman and Civil War Brigadier General Thomas Meagher came to life, many thanks to Gary Randolph Storyteller."

"I loved watching the rapt attention as you spun the story of the fairy shawl."

"What a gift you have for distilling history into compelling stories."
"I have referred Gary to two different schools. Both have very much enjoyed his visits, stories, and songs. It is such a wonderful way for children to learn history and all kids (young and old) love stories. Gary memorizes his stories and provides a dramatic telling which keeps audiences engaged."


Viva Lost Vogus

Trouble in Paradox
Galactic Detective Agency Book 7

It's Gabriel Lake's most noir, Sam Spade-ish adventure yet, and the stakes could not be higher. A chrono drive malfunction strands the Galactic Detective Agency in 1943 Indianapolis. Then a murder occurs, creating a temporal paradox and putting the timeline in jeopardy, including Gabe's very existence.

With the help of Oren, Zastra, and the rest of the crew, Gabe must step into the gumshoes of a 1940s detective to try to solve the crime and put the future back on the right track. But is Gabe hard-boiled enough to dodge both cops and gangsters? And does he remember enough from his favorite film noir movies to fit into 1943 culture? In this time-traveling mystery, there will be plenty of laughs, plenty of adventure, and plenty of Trouble in Paradox.

"A great humorous time travel mystery experience."

"I just finished Trouble in Paradox and I loved it!"

"The book was great."

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