Better half hang'd than ill married. - Scottish proverb

Who's Coming

Now these are just the one's that used the RSVP link. Others may have just sent an e-mail or told us in person.
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NameCeltic NameComments
Gary & Mary AnnBoru de Bruce Johnson McCart McIntireTis me favorite day o' the year.
Timothy & HannahRyan (as in Jack) 
Fries clanO'FriesWe be lookin' forward t'wit!
Gary & JanineMcKinney 
Chris and MikeO'Andrew 
Mark WashburnO'man 
Mike and Chris AndrewMacAndrewLooking forward to it!
Doug & Dottie Hamlin  
Kathryn Parker  
Bull familyO'Bulligans 
Darrell and Melisa ZehrMacZehrsLooking forward to it! Always such a great time!
Eric BillinMacBillin 
Morgan clanO'Morgan